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Life is busy and glasses can slow you down by making activities more difficult than they need to be. Contact lenses can enhance your lifestyle and provide freedom from glasses. But, the transition from glasses to contact lenses is not always easy. For some, there’s a ping of fear or even failed attempts to successfully make the switch.


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Your coach will guide you on how to insert, remove, care for and maintain your contact lenses.

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There’s a lot to learn, like how to insert, remove and care for lenses. It can be frustrating, overwhelming, or even uncomfortable. However, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that 26% of first-time contact wearers give up in the first year and, of those, 75% drop off within the first two months.


But, with proper support, 74% of dropouts can resume wearing contact lenses. That’s where we come in.

Why choose EyecareLive?

The internet has plenty of videos, blogs and articles with tips and tricks on how to wear contacts but they cannot replace an expert at your fingertips. We connect you with a certified contact lens coach for personalized, one-on-one virtual assistance. Your coach will guide you on how to insert, remove, care for and maintain your contact lenses.

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