Dry eye disease is one of the fastest growing disease. For most, teh symptoms include a feeling of sand paper when you open and close your eye. For chronic conditions, people may experience pain.
But irritation and stickiness under your eyelids isn’t the only symptom that you might experience if you are suffering from dry eye disease?

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Every user may experience different symptoms of dry eye disease. Most common symptoms are listed below. You can consult with our providers online to diagnose the severity of your condition and receive a personalized treatment plan

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    Burning sensation
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    Itchy eyes
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    Mild pain sensations
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    Eye fatigue
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    Sore eyes
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    Light sensitivity or photophobia
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    Excessive watering/ tearing as a reflex reaction to dryness
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    Blurry vision

So, what are the causes of dry eye disease?

The “tear film” on the outer surface of our eyes works like a lubricant to keep our eyes wet and comfortable. When tear film is damaged or starts to thin out, we experience that our eyes are dry and itchy. We tend to blink a lot more to produce tears and oil.

The thinking of tear film is one of the major cause of dry eye condition. The tear film may start thinning due to ageing or many other possible health conditions.

What key factors lead to dry eyes disease?

There are many reasons that can cause damage to the “tear film” layer and eventually lead to dry eye disease. Some of the most common factors include:

How does dry eye impact vision?

Dry eyes can cause irritation, grittiness, and discomfort based on the severity of the disease. In addition, it is common to have a blurry vision due to dry eye symptoms.

What does it mean if your dry eye is worse in the morning?

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    A lack of adequate tears, tear evaporation, disturbance of the tear film, poor eyelid function, or an imbalance in tear composition can cause dry eyes.
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    Nocturnal Lagophthalmos: Its common for people to sleep with their eyelids partially open. This causes them to wake up in the morning with increased symptoms such as irritation, scratchiness, sensation of foreign body or even discharge from the eyes.

    This condition is called as Nocturnal Lagophthalmos. Because the eyes are not completely closed during sleep, the tears could evaporate and leaves eyes dry. The evaporation can be further caused by environmental factors such as air conditioning, heaters, and fans

How to treat your dry eye symptoms?

Dry eye has several effective treatments. In many cases, routine use for artificial tears and minor behavioral modifications like taking frequent breaks and conscious blinking during digital use and temperature control to avoid environmental impact on dryness, can significantly reduce dry eye symptoms.


In some chronic or more severe cases, your eye care provider might recommend over the counter lubricating eye drops, a prescription medication like RESTASIS® or in-office procedures to help your body create and secrete more tears and decrease eye irritation and inflammation.

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