Integrate telehealth in your daily eye care practice


EyecareLive and Allergan Eye Care to offer Telemedicine option for patients with chronic dry eye patients. Click here to read more!

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EyecareLive gives online ophthalmologist the tools to provide virtual eye care from a secure platform.


Gone are the days of toggling between multiple solutions. EyecareLive is a singular platform that can help manage practice operations, enhance communication, generate new patient encounters, and provide a virtual experience created specifically for eye care providers and their patients.


Testimonials from your colleagues:

More than a technology

We want you to succeed in telemedicine practice. Not only do we provide a robust platform, we’re there for you every step of the way t help you implement it for the saefty and privacy of your patients

Marketing Materials

We provide “ready-to-use” materials to share with your patients to drive awareness and education of your telehealth services. With an array of items, you can pick the messages that fit your practice and your patient demographics.

Customize Use Cases

We work closely with you and your team to create workflows for the use cases which you are comfortable managing with telemedicine.

Provider and Staff Trainings

At no additional cost, we provide doctors, and your entire staff with customized one-on-one training. You can request any number of sessions because we want your practice to master telemedicine.

EMR Integration

Providers can be more productive when the clinical workflow for telemedicine is not any different from your in-office patient visit. We provide several integration technologies, and work with your EMR vendor, to integrate the systems for easy access to patient records.


See us in action! Our full suite of telehealth tools give eye care providers the ability to safely, and securely, see patients whenever, and wherever, they need expert care.


Each year, millions of patients end up in urgent care for eye-related symptoms which could be non-urgent and easily treated ona video call. And many patients are seen by a primary care provider who may not have the necessary tools to diagnose eye related conditions. Now, patients can have virtual access to eye care providers. Our network allows these patients to receive care for eye-specific concerns through telemedicine.


Effortlessly connect with new patients who need virtual eye care. LIVEonDemand directs patients seeking a virtual visit for eye concerns to eye care providers through EyecareLive’s platform.

Through LIVEonDemand, eye care providers can expect:

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    Increased visibility with a new audience.
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    The ability to expand their business footprint.

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    Access to an additional, immediate revenue stream.