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Free Vision Test, Get Results & Repeat

These tests are offered for free The test may be repeated as desired.
You may take the test as recommended by your eye doctor.

This test is not intended to provide you a final prescription for glasses or contact lenses

Vision Test

This visual acuity test is an online tool that gives you a quick reading on your current vision. Perfect vision is referred to as 20/20. Regular screening of vision helps in the early detection of many eye problems.


The test is user-friendly for all ages and removes any language barriers. A simple character “C” is used to test your vision.

After completing the test, a user is shown the results for each eye.

If your vision is 20/30, or less, in either one of your eyes, we recommend consulting an eye care provider for a more comprehensive eye exam.


How it works

  • Sign-up from a laptop, or smartphone, to take the tests.


  • The tests are simple and include easy-to-follow instructions to navigate each step.


  • Access test results in minutes. Review them and share them with your eye care provider.
  • With each test, you’ll receive a guide to help you understand your test results.


  • Any questions or concerns can be discussed with an eye doctor through a virtual consultation


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