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It’s estimated that more than 50% of the world’s population will require some sort of vision correction. Whether extended exposure to digital screens or if you have a family history of eye diseases, regular vision screenings help you take control. Eye diseases can be progressive in nature. Self-screening allows you to detect concerns early or monitor worsening symptoms.

In case of a medical emergency, please call 911.

Here’s how it works

1 Sign-up from a laptop, or smartphone, to take the tests.

2 The tests are simple and include easy-to-follow instructions to navigate each step.

3 Access test results in minutes. Review them and share them with your eye care provider.

4 With each test, you’ll receive a guide to help you understand your test results.

5 Any questions or concerns can be discussed with an eye doctor through a virtual consultation.

Simply Test, Get Results & Repeat

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Vision Test

This visual acuity test is a digital tool that gives you a quick

reading on your current vision. Perfect vision is referred to

as 20/20. Regular screening of your vision helps in the early

detection of various eye problems.


By simply Identifying the position of “C,” the test is user friendly for all ages and removes any language barriers.

Users will receive immediate vision test results for each eye after completing the test.

If your vision is 20/30, or less, in either one of your eyes, we recommend consulting an eye care provider for a more comprehensive eye exam.


Dry Eye Survey

(Standard Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness (SPEED) Questionnaire)

Used as an initial screening tool for dry eye, this survey can

help score the severity of the user’s symptoms.


The test is a set of simple questions which, based on the

responses, produces a dry eye score.


A series of simple questions are asked to calculate your SPEED study score.

Users will receive an immediate test score along with an interpretation guide to understand the status of the dry eye symptoms.

Those with moderate to high scores may be at a risk for dry eye disease and should seek furtherevaluation.

Amsler’s Grid

A simple, self-administered test that can help identify any

disturbances in the user’s visual field, also referred as

peripheral vision.


It is useful for early detection, and monitoring of progressive

retinal diseases, such as macular degeneration.


The test is easily done using your smart phone.

Each test report is logged within your personal history to compare and monitor any changes.

If you observe any waviness in the straight lines or blind spots, we highly recommend the user connecting with an eye doctor to seek further evaluation.

Contact Lens Comfort Survey

If you wear contact lenses, and are experiencing discomfort,

this test may be useful for you.


This survey allows eye doctors to get a better

understanding of the comfort, and quality of your vision,

when wearing contacts.


The survey documents the comfort level of your contact lenses with a series of simple questions.

The responses to these questions are used to analyse the wearers comfort level and help doctors make an informed decision when updating your contact lenses or understanding challenges.

If you are experiencing a high level of discomfort, we strongly recommend connecting with an eye doctor and seek further advice.

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