Slide Understanding the damage to eyes due to extended screen time. Take the dry eye test #MissionOneMillion

#MissionOneMillion is a global campaign created with the mission to reach a minimum of one million people in order to gather a deeper understanding of the impact digital devices are having on eye health.


A substantial global health concern

It’s no secret that we’re living in the digital age. In fact,

the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of



People are now working from home, participating in

virtual schooling, video calls and, overall, spending more

time engaging with digital platforms.

The number of people affected by dry eye disease in the United States alone and that’s not including the children that are being impacted. Dry eye disease is known to affect millions of individuals across the world. And, unfortunately, the chronic disease can worsen, or symptoms can appear, with increased digital screen exposure.

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Anyone can participate by answering the six questions

presented in the SPEED™ questionnaire and selecting their

average range of screen time per day. By participating, we can

better analyze the situation as a community and provide

guidance to prevent long-term dry eye disease.


The Dry Eye Test (SPEED™*) is commonly used across the eye-

industry to evaluate the severity of dry eye symptoms. The test is a

set of simple questions which, based on the responses, produces a

Dry Eye Test Score.


The score is typically between 0-28 and provides a base

understanding of symptoms, ranking them from mild to severe.


A comprehensive eye exam is the best way to diagnose dry eye

disease and other ocular conditions.

*The SPEED Questionnaire is an instrument of Tear Science® Inc. All rights reserved.

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By advocating for research and awareness, we
are protecting the sight of those living in the digital age.

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