How to test vision at Home – A Quick Guide

test vision at Home

How to test vision at Home – A Quick Guide

test vision at Home

Online vision test at home – A quick guide. 

80% of our learnings are through our vision. It is one of the most important senses that allows us to learn and grow. With rapidly changing lifestyle it is very important to take care of our eyes now than ever before. On an average people are known to spend 7-8 hours in front of a digital screen. Sometimes they spend more time Vs. sleeping. Regular eye exam is a simple and the most effective way to protect your eyes and do what is best for them. 

A complete eye exam include series of tests which will assess the status of your eyes as well as the overall health. As these tests are done once or twice a year only, it might a great idea to periodically monitor your vision with simple vision screen tests. 

What is a vision screening test? 

Vision screening test is an integral part of the eye exam. This simple test  helps in quickly determining the status of the visual acuity. The result of this test helps in early detection of any eye problems that might need additional testing. Vision screening is a quick and easy quantitative testing. 

All of us would have undergone a vision screening test as some point either in school or for driving license where one has to read characters on a chart from a predetermined distance. That simple tests is called a vision screening test.

While most of us are used to taking this test in a doctors office, with recent advancement in the technology this test can now be taken from the comfort of their homes. 

What is needed for taking an online vision test?

Online vision tests are simple and easy to use screening tests that help you with getting a baseline information about your visual status. There are several ways that will allow you to take the vision screening vision tests at home. Some tests require you to print out a PDF document of a chart and place the chart 10ft away and record the vision. Other options includes using two device test, which will include your laptop or desktop that will work as the vision chart and a smart phone as your remote to record your responses. These tests are simple and easy to use. Some of these tests might also need you to download an app, sign up and follow simple instructions to check your vision. Online vision test is done one eye at a time similar to the test in the doctors office. For patients who wear corrective lenses like glasses and contact lenses much wear them while taking the vision test for accurate results. 

How to interpret your vision test results? 

20/20 or 6/6 vision is the most common way of recording your vision test. 20/20 or 6/6  is considered “Normal Vision”. In simple terms it means A person with 20/20  or 6/6 vision can see what an average individual can see on the visual acuity chart when they are standing 20 feet or 6meters  away. In terms of eyesight alone, someone with 20/20 vision can perform most or all of the basic tasks and duties required in daily life. 

Who is eligible for online vision test? 

Most of the patients are eligible for the online vision screening test. This is a very good first step to help you better understand the visual status of your eyes. Kids as well as adults can use this test to monitor and know what is theri visual acuity. Most of the online vision tests use neutral testing methods like Tumbling E, numbers or a broken C test where all they have to do as patient is point at the direction of the letters. This allows these tests to be more universal. 

Things to remember when taking online vision test: 

  • Online vision test is not a complete eye exam, it can only determine the visual acuity of your eye, but there are several other components that needs to examined to ensure the overall health of your eyes. 
  • These online test can show inaccurate results if one fails to follow the instructions accurately. This might sometimes show a falsely good or bad visual acuity. It is important to remember that this is a screening test and should not be considered as the ultimate vision test. 
  • In kids it is always advisable to get a comprehensive eye exam and it should be done in a doctor’s office using eye drops for the best results. This test would be an important tool to monitor their vision in between the visits to ensure there is no major drop in the vision. For kids wearing glasses or contact lenses, this serves as a great tool to monitor the vision fluctuation if any and adjust the refractive correction accordingly. 
  • Not all online vision screening tests are same. Some tests have shown that might how higher false negative results than others. It is important for the patient to accurately follow the instructions and speak to an eye care professional to better understand the next steps. 

EyecareLive’s online vision test:

EyecareLive’s online vision test is fast, accurate and reliable. This online tests is a FDA registered vision test that has been tested for its accuracy and reliability by top optometry colleges in USA. This two device online vision tests needs no printing of vision charts or downloading any apps. You can simply take the online vision test on your laptop or desktop browser along with your smart phone by following simple steps. Once you complete the test, it will show you the results for each eye which you can save as a record for yourself or request an online consultation to speak with an eye doctor. With EyecareLive’s online vision test you can repeat the test as many times as you want. You can also save the results to share with your known eye doctor. 


  1.  How do I know if I have 20/20 vision? 

20/20 vision is the smallest line one the  visual acuity chart. If you can read it, your vision is 20/20. If you are using EyecareLive’s online vision test it will show the results at the end of the test to help you understand the visual status of each eye. 

2. Are online vision test accurate? 

Most of the two device online vision tests are accurate if done correctly. Some tests in general have shown lower accuracy rates than others. 

3. Can this replace eye exams and follow ups? 

No, this is just a screening tool. It is highly recommended to get a comprehensive eye exam every year. Some patients might need to be see sooner or later as per their eye doctor’s advice. 

4. Is there any harm if one re-takes the vision test multiple times? 

No there is no harm to re-take the test if they feel they have done it correctly. Testing it too often might also not be a good option. It might be ideal to test one every 1-3 months or as advised by their eye doctor.

5. What is low visual acuity? 

For vision less than 20/40 it is highly recommended to consult an eye doctor. Even if the vision is 20/20 it might be a good idea to speak to an eye doctor to ensure there are no there signs or symptoms that might need attention. 

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