Top three reasons telehealth is a must during the back-to-school season


Top three reasons telehealth is a must during the back-to-school season


As a global pandemic shook the foundation of normalcy, EyecareLive’s comprehensive telehealth platform provided eye care providers the option to expand virtually.

EyecareLive’s turnkey telemedicine platform was readily available, and critical, in a time of crisis and has adapted into a superior long-term vision care platform because of development agility, innovation, and the valuable feedback from users.

EyecareLive’s platform features are designed to enhance patient care, increase revenue, and lower the cost of operation. A few of the most notable improvements include:

E-commerce store for contact lenses.

In partnership with ABB Optical Group, the contact lens store allows patients to conveniently purchase their prescribed contact lens directly from their doctor and through the application where insurance benefits can be applied. In addition to the patient’s benefits, Eye Care Providers (ECP’s) can now receive credit for the sale, set the retail price and retain profits from the purchase.

Web-based waiting rooms for patients.

Without an application download, patients can access EyecareLive’s patient portal for scheduling virtual appointments and check-in to the virtual waiting room. Additionally, doctors and staff have the capability to schedule virtual appointments on behalf of patients and invite them to the waiting room. Family members can now book and manage their dependents under a single account.

An enhanced patient application for Macular Degeneration patients.

Within the app, patients can utilize the full capabilities of EyecareLive, such as tools for virtual eye tests and disease monitoring functions. A new Amsler Grid test allows Macular Degeneration patients to take the test regularly and share the results with their provider. A digital history of the results makes it easy to track the progression of chronic disease.


Now, ECP’s can e-prescribe medications and send them directly to the patients preferred pharmacy.

Compliance and other intuitive improvements to the doctor’s portal.

Understanding that a doctor’s time is valuable, EyecareLive has reimagined the doctor portal so that it is simpler to use and includes built in tools, such as an automated timer that tracks time spent with a patient, to ensure ECP’s are reimbursed properly for time spent with the patient virtually. This feature enables ECP’s to maintain compliance, audit-ready and able to bill insurance for telehealth services.

Director of Clinical Affairs at Eyecarelive, Inc
Ukti Vora is the Director of Clinical Affairs for EyecareLive. She is actively involved in defining strategy, planing and executing various services to build a robust telehealth platform focusing on the needs of the eye care professionals. As an optometrist with 11+ years of clinical experience, and her degree in Management she serves a perfect liaison between the company and the consumer. She brings a unique blend of diversity with her experience in India and USA. She has been a speaker at several national and international conferences, panel discussions, podcasts and online webinars.